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Big Baits for Big Speckled Sea Trout

I moved to the Tampa Bay area in 1997. I grew up fishing in lakes and ponds in North Georgia but when I got to Florida and someone introduced me to snook fishing, I was instantly hooked. My favorite way to catch them was by fishing the beaches for them with really big grunts (aka pigfish). I would spend an hour or two before snook fishing to catch these grunts then head to the beach.

It wasn't long into my new snook addiction that I learned just how big a bait that speckled sea trout will eat. Wow... I started...

How Kayak Fishermen and Powerboats Can Share The Water

Yep.... they often zoom by you too closely. They can come across (and sometimes actually are) disrespectful on the water. They are bigger, take up more space, can move from location to location faster than kayak fishermen, and it's easy to feel like you have to take a backseat to what the powerboaters want to do.

But, the truth of the matter is that most fishermen, powerboaters, and paddle-fishermen, want the same thing. They want to just spend a relaxing day on the water. And, no matter which camp you are in, you know that there are disrespectful people in each...

Tailing Redfish Tactics

If you've spent much time on the flats or in the marshes of Florida, the Carolinas, Louisiana, or Texas... the chances are that you've seen that cool little bronze and blue triangle sticking out of the water and waving at you. That's a redfish "tailing". They do this because redfish are primarily bottom feeders - looking for crabs and shrimp. They will literally stand on their heads to get what they are after. If you've ever struggled without to get these guy's attention so you can catch them while they are tailing, this article is for you.


Like any...

Money, Women, & Fishing Holes

There are three things in this world that can wreck a friendship like nothing else. Money, women, and fishing holes. The first two are easy to understand so we'll concentrate on the latter.

Sharing a Fishing hole is a Sacred Bond.

OK, maybe not a "sacred bond" but sharing a spot can be kind of a big deal and if you don't handle the gift with respect you could put a damper on your friendship. An avid angler will only share one of his favorite spots with someone he trusts. When someone shares a fishing hole with you, you must...

3 reasons that 10% of the fisherman catch 90% of the fish

1.) They fish when the conditions are right.

When people ask me if they should go fishing tomorrow, my response is always, "yes". I think that unless the weather is unsafe, people should go fishing whenever they get a chance. However, many of the most successful anglers go fishing when the conditions are right for the fish to cooperate. Now, this could mean that they pick their days or (most likely) they choose to fish during the part of the day that the spots they plan on fishing will produce. Tides (in saltwater), wind speed and direction, time of day,...