The Kayak Angler's Advantages –

The Kayak Angler's Advantages

Fishing out of a kayak has been pretty popular for some time now and that trend doesn't seem to be slowing down anytime soon. There are many advantages to anglers that fishing kayaks offer that are being recognized and taken advantage of by fisherman all over the world. Here are just a few of the reasons more and more people are getting into kayak fishing.

Water Access

Anglers with fishing kayaks can launch their boats from just about anywhere. They don't need boat ramps. If you can get to within a reasonable distance of water with your truck,  you can get your kayak to water. This can help you quickly get to fishing spots that are seldom accessed by other watercraft.

Skinny Water Fishing

Once you've launched your fishing kayak, you can fish places that larger boats simply can't access. This is especially advantageous for most of the Gulf Coast and much of the East Coast -- from Mosquito Lagoon all the way up to Virginia. All these coastal areas have bodies of water that prevent larger boats from accessing great fishing areas. Fishing Kayaks can float shallow, be drug over sandbars, and paddled under bridges that prevent access to many anglers.

Cheap Adventure Travel

Throw your fishing kayak in the bed of your pickup truck and go! It's doubtful that you'll spend much more, if any, on gas while traveling with a fishing kayak. Also, when you reach your destination, you most likely won't have to pay to park your kayak. In fact, many people just put their kayak in their hotel rooms at night when they go on a fishing adventure. If you do not use a trailer to trailer your kayaks, then you won't have the extra worry of tire blowouts or the added expenses of paying for those extra axels on toll roads.

Fish More, Work Less

Spend more time fishing and less time working on your vessel. Boats with outboard motors and inboard motors require a lot of maintenance - oil changes, spark plug changes, impeller changes... just to list a FEW of the maintenance items on a fossil fuel powered boat. Sure, if you want to keep your fishing kayak in top shape, it requires a little maintenance every now and then, but nothing compared to larger boats. It also doesn't cost very much to maintain your fishing kayak.

Worry Free Fishing

If you have ever owned a motor boat, you know that it can be anything but stress-free. "Will it start when I get to the ramp?" "What's that funny noise it's making?" "Oh man, I think the battery is dead..." Fishing Kayaks don't have those worries. As long as you remembered to bring the fishing poles and the paddles, you're going fishing. As long as your arms are working, you can always get back to shore. And... with our new Marlin pedal-drive fishing kayak, even in the unlikely event that your arms give out on you, you can still make it back to shore!

What are some of your favorite "advantages" to fishing out of a kayak? Share them with us on Facebook!

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