The Evil Banana –

The Evil Banana

I don't believe in luck; good or bad. I just don't. A lot of people, and I mean a lot of people, believe that bananas are bad luck on a boat. I don't think they're bad luck. But, I've had enough run-ins with bananas on the water that I truly believe they are just pure evil. I won't go into great detail about my "banana stories" but I'll give you the cliff notes.

  1. One day I caught bait before picking up clients. When the clients arrived, I checked the bait and all of it was dead. We went and caught more bait. Got to the first spot and all had died again! We decided to go ahead and fish with dead bait. I put the trolling motor in the water and the wiring began to melt and started smoking. I turned around to flip the inline breaker and my client was sitting there with 12 bananas in his hand and asked, "Hey cap, want one of these?" I must have said "throw those out" pretty harshly because they went flying!
  2. I picked up clients one day and I saw the bananas while we were loading up. I told the guys that they needed to throw them out. Two guys complied and one refused. In fact, he ate a banana defiantly right in front of me just to make a point. The point was made pretty well, just not as he expected. We caught 75 spanish mackerel that day. The "banana eater" caught only 1... and only in the last 5 minutes of the charter. The two guys who threw the evil bananas out split the other 75 fish evenly.
  3. On a tarpon charter a few years ago, I set up where I wanted to fish and threw out the anchor. When I came to the back of the boat to grab a bait, I noticed about 4 inches of standing water in the back of the boat. The auto bilge switch didn't come on so I hit the bilge pump button and the bilge pump wouldn't turn on. I went to pull the anchor and there was my client on the front of the boat eating a banana. Again, I must have surprised him with my yell of "throw it out!". The banana went flying. Turns out a live well hose fitting cracked and filled the boat and filled the boat with water. There's no other explanation for the bilge pump and the float switch not working other than the pure evil ways of the banana. Thankfully we were in a Ranger bay boat and it won't sink. We just headed in and fixed the fitting and replaced the float switch and bilge pump.

Are bananas this evil on kayaks? I haven't risked it yet. But tell us some of your "banana stories" on your kayak fishing adventures on Facebook. We'd love to find out!


***More info on the evil banana:

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