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Pedal vs Paddle Kayak Fishing

Pedal vs Paddle Kayak Fishing

Fishing and Kayaking; Pedal vs. Paddle Some of the most beneficial aspects of kayak fishing have historically been Affordability, Ease of entry Mobility Transportation Storage General simplicity. 

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Fitness & Kayaking: Helping You Shed Those Extra Pounds

Weight loss is a prevailing goal in society today, whether it’s so you can look good in that new bathing suit or live your life a little healthier.  There are so many methods out there to achieve that goal. For us kayakers, the question arises: is kayaking one of those methods? Can it really be a tool to help lose that bit of flab we’re tired of seeing?  The answer is yes, and here’s why.

Think about this: it takes about .01 hp for you to move a kayak at a speed of about 5...

Kayaks are going mainstream - kayak storage systems added to apartment build plans.

If you have ever felt like you were sticking out like a sore thumb in your apartment complex as you dragged you kayak up the stairs to your 3rd level apartment, banging around, making noise, looking awkward...  then you might want to talk to your apartment complex about adding some kayak storage. Not only would it make your life easier but it would help you prevent damage to your kayak and save you precious room in your apartment.

Some companies are getting very creative with their ideas about kayak storage. Check out the...

Explore Florida by Kayak

Florida boasts 12,133 square miles of water which makes up 18.5% of the state. Pair that with summertime temperature averages over 80 degrees, and it is no wonder why people in the sunshine state flock to all the different water sources Florida has to offer; and there are many! From crystal clear, spring-fed rivers, endless estuaries and marsh to beautiful lily pad riddled cypress swamps; Florida has a little bit of everything to offer. Florida is rich in wildlife as well--paddle with manatees, dolphins and alligators, you never know what you are going to see! The...