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Our 2019 Guide to Fishing Kayaks and necessary Accessory Gear our 5 Part Series

 Kayak Fishing and the Gear You Need to Get Started

 If you’re a bank-bound angler frustrated by limited water access or a boat owner tired of spending lots of money on fuel and maintenance, it’s time to explore the world of kayak fishing.

Kayak fishing is one of the most popular fishing sports right now and it's for good reasons. We recently spent a month talking to the community of kayak anglers, kayak fishing trail and tournament sponsors, and accessories and gear manufactures trying to build the ultimate guide. And in doing so, I found the common and mutual most important points, to address kayak fishing challenges and get you started for this summer.

In this series, I’ll show you:

Part 1:   Starting Feb 9th 

  • Why you should try Kayak Fishing (or why you should continue).
  • How to choose the Best Kayak for Fishing (even if you own one already).

Part 2

  • Hulls Size, Shape, Considerations,  as well as Paddle versus Pedal 

Part 3

  • The best way to outfit a Kayak for fishing (hint: Keep things simple or go wild).

Part 4

  • A simple, but essential list of Kayak Fishing Safety Gear.

Part 5

 Where to Go Kayak Fishing in Freshwater and Saltwater (without needing to ask).

 Kayak Fishing: 10 things you need to know to get you started in 2019

Below is our top 10 items you need to address to prepare for kayak fishing in 2019. Not all of them will be applicable to you, but that’s a given.

Part 1, Items Covered 

  1. Why fish from a kayak
  2. Top advantages of fishing from a kayak
  3. Tips for choosing the best kayak for fishing
  4. Sit-Inside vs. Sit-On-Top Kayak

Part 2, Items Covered 

  1. Understanding Kayak Length, Width & Hull Shape
  2. Paddle, Pedal, or Motor-Driven Kayak for Fishing

Part 3, Items Covered 

  1. How to Outfit a Kayak for Fishing

Part 4, Items Covered

  1. Essential Kayak Fishing Safety Gear

Part 5, Items Covered

  1. Freshwater Kayak Fishing Opportunities
  2. Saltwater Kayak Fishing Opportunities

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