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Kayak Fishing At Dawn: A Relaxing Way To Start Your Day

Not everyone’s a morning person.  Some of us simply feel wrong starting our day if we can’t see the sun.  But some of us love to hit the ground running and get a head start on a fresh, new day.  For a kayak angler, some say there’s no better time to be out on the water than dawn, and there’s plenty of reasons to support that.

The first reason to support why kayak fishing at dawn is the way to go is that there’s more fish.  Fish feed in the morning. That isn’t breaking news or anything. No, that doesn’t necessarily mean that if you go out on your yak later in the day you’re gonna catch absolutely nothing.  But your haul will be less than if you went out in the wee hours of the morning, when fish are urgently trying to chow down. Timing is everything! You want a satisfying, productive trip?  Dawn is the best time for that!

That leads directly into the second reason: if you’re out when the fish are hungry, you’re way more likely to catch fish.  And that means you get to bring a meal or two home that day and celebrate your success! That will give you a deeper sense of accomplishment, make your trips more worthwhile, and keep you coming back for more!  

Another reason is because… well, it’s the morning.  A good chunk of the world is still asleep at this point.  You can soak in the peace, quiet, and serenity. Fishing out on your kayak is relaxing and peaceful to start with, and add that to the quiet of the morning, and you’ve got a fantastically soothing stress reliever.  Being out and away from the world for a bit, but yet so close to nature, makes it so much easier to take a deep breath and take a load off. It’ll also give you a good chance to take advantage of some of the quiet time and get a jump start at planning of your day.

The final reason that kayak fishing at dawn is a great idea is that it can totally serve as your morning workout.  Kayak fishing requires paddling. That helps build/maintain muscle strength and endurance, and is also a great workout for your respiratory system.  If you find it hard to fit in some exercise later in the day, this provides an excellent opportunity to fit in the activity you need, while doing something you love.  Our article on weight loss and kayaking provides even more health benefits that can come from adding kayaking to your fitness routine. Check it out here!

So starting your day off with some early kayak fishing has a lot of benefits.  You get more fish, more peace and quiet, and more exercise than you normally might in a day!  Why not give it a try? It may end up becoming a regular part of your morning and a favorite part of your day!

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