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Kayak Fishing 101: Important Tips for Beginner Kayak Fishermen Just Starting Out

Despite rumors of fishing becoming less popular among the Millennial set, upwards of 45.7 million Americans reported taking at least one fishing trip in 2015 alone. Needless to say fishing is still incredibly popular. And why wouldn't it be? It's relaxing, rewarding, and inexpensive.

However, kayak fishing is still considered a frontier sport, as it's currently in the early developmental stages. So if you're an experienced angler or a beginner interested in trying something new, this is a great opportunity to get in on the ground floor. Here are some great tips to help you get started as a beginner kayak fisherman.

Consult an Expert
First things first: if you're not sure what you're doing, consult an expert. Simply buying specialty kayaks for fishing isn't enough. When you participate in this sport, you're actually participating in two sports at once.

For anyone just starting out, it's important that you get an expert opinion before you jump headfirst into your new hobby. After all, you want to make sure you have the best water sports equipment available to help you get a safe and productive start to your new fishing venture. If you don't have any friends experienced in kayak fishing, you can find some great tutorials online.

Learn Where to Fish
As you might have guessed, kayak fishing is a bit different than your normal fishing routine. It's extremely important to know not only how to operate a kayak safely while fishing, but also exactly where to fish as well. Certain areas where you like to cast might be better suited to fishing from a dock or straight from the shore, so do your research before you hop into a kayak.

Plus, you don't want to accidentally topple over some unsuspecting fly fishers on your first trip!

Shop Around for Top Rated Fishing Kayaks
A fisherman (or fisherperson, if you will) is only as good as their gear. Likewise, every fishing kayak should have a few essential features on it. These include rod holders, anchor systems, and storage space. After all, kayaks are fairly small, which means fishing kayaks are going to be a little bit different than your average recreational kayak. If you purchase a traditional kayak, you're not going to have enough space or the proper tools that you need to pursue your fishing ventures.

Above all else, make sure you're prepared to change up your fishing routine a little bit. It takes time to adjust to a new style of fishing, so give yourself all of the time that you need to get started.

And if you have any additional questions about kayak fishing gear or getting started in this exciting new sport, don't hesitate to contact our team at Eddy-Gear!

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