Inventory Reduction Sale: Win a Cooler! –

Inventory Reduction Sale: Win a Cooler!

Friends and Family Sale

Refer a friend, give them $70 off the already low priced Stingray XL, and get yourself in the drawing for a free cooler!

Eddy-Gear needs to clean out the warehouse to make room for a massive new shipment of Stingray XL kayaks. Our Stingray line of fishing kayaks is already at one of the best price points in the industry, but for a limited time and while supplies last, we are offering an even better chance to save on these great kayak fishing machines. We are offering a coupon code for $70 off our already low price of $759.99. This means for less than $700 ($689.99) your friends and family can get into the exciting sport of kayak fishing on one of the best platforms out there.  All of our friends who have either already purchased from us in the past or have signed up for our newsletter will receive in your email inbox an exclusive coupon code that you can either use yourself, or share with friends and family!

For every sale you refer, you will be in a drawing for your choice of either a 75L or 50L Extreme Fatwall Cooler!

How does this work?

Share the coupon code with friends and family, they will then select an in stock Stingray XL kayak here on the site, have them enter the coupon code in the field at either Step 1 (in the cart view) of the checkout process or at the link at the top of Step 2 (at the Checkout billing/shipping details page),  and then have them place your email address in the "Order Notes" section. This will enter you in the cooler drawing and give them an awesome deal on one of our in stock fishing kayaks.


Use the code yourself, but you will still need to add your email in the "Order Notes" section at checkout. This is what we will be monitoring for the drawing.

Offer expires 8/12/16


How do I get on the newsletter list if I am not already?

At the bottom of every page on this site. Enter your email, click Subscribe.
You only have a short time to act as these coupon codes will go out in less than 24 hours!

We are set to send out the newsletter containing the code on 7/27/16 by 10a.m.

What are the limitations?

We have only 20 of these coupon codes for the Friends and Family Sale to give out. When they're gone, they're gone. These coupons only apply to the Stingray XL - our most popular kayak.

What if the color I want is on backorder?

We did design this sale to reduce the current inventory, however we will allow for backorder purchases as well. These items will be in stock on 8/11/16. Backorder sales do count towards our limit of 20 total coupons.

What if my referral buys more than one kayak?

We will enter your name in the cooler drawing for each Stingray XL sold in a single or multiple orders. More sales = more chances. Just make sure your email address gets placed n the Order Notes section as described above.

What if I didn't see this offer in time?

That's OK! We are having a separate inventory reduction sale for the public. However, this separate sale will not include the cooler drawing - Just a great deal on a great fishing kayak. So, in the end - you still win. For details on this Back to School Sale stay tuned here on the site and follow us on Facebook.

I am still recommending to sign up anyway so can get in on the next big deal from Eddy-Gear!

This sale is separate from our Back to School SaleThe coupon codes from both sales cannot be combined.

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