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Spring Bass Fishing
By Law Enforcement Officer William Mouret

Let’s take a look at what is exactly happening in the spring.  The biggest thing that happens in the spring is that the weather warms up, the waters begin to warm as well. As water temperatures warm, bass begin to move from their deep patterns, to shallower warmer water.

It only takes a couple of warm days and a few degrees of water temperature variation and bass will begin to move onto  shallow water seeking warmer water. So, rather than focusing of deep water cover, in the spring focus on underwater humps and shallower water than you would in the fall or winter. As the water temperature rises bass will move to the warmer water.

Here are my go to spring baits:

1. Jig & Trailer – The jig and trailer is a staple bait for the spring of the year.  I tend to use some type of crayfish trailer.   Try and match the hatch if you are trying to imitate a crayfish use crayfish colors.  There are several types of jigs that could be used swim jigs, football jigs, round head jigs and chatter baits.

2. Rattling Crank Baits – Great in the spring this bait is very effective.  Why does the rattling attract bass that is a question that I do not know the answer to.  But I do believe the rattling draws the attention of bass by feel as it goes through the water. Main lake points and humps in the bottom are very productive areas for rattle style baits.

3. Shakey heads- A Shakey head can be great year around. When fishing boat docks in the spring they can be especially effective on spinning tackle and light line.

4. Weightless soft plastics-  A stick bait Texas rigged or wacky rigged without a weight can be very productive this time of year, and is one of my favorite baits. Target the grass areas near the banks.  Or outer edges of grass lines. The wightless  Texas rig will allow you to throw into the grass and fish it without getting snagged. The weightless wacky rig will allow you to stay above the grass as you work it. Remember do not let slack get in the line. Due to the weightless nature of the bait oftentimes it is a slight bump or your line will be moving because it has a fish on the end and you did not even know it!  For this reason I use spinning tackle with yellow braid and a fluorocarbon leader.

Those are my go to baits for spring fishing. I hope this helps to land you a bucket mouth this spring.

William Mouret

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