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Eddy-Gear Gives Back For Combat2College Cause

Eddy-Gear Gives Back At The Inshore Xtreme Tournament!

Whether it be a cause, a particular non-profit or a community, each of these brands dedicate partial profits to something more than the brand itself. With each purchase at Eddy-Gear.com you make, a percentage goes into a mission we care for deeply. Not only are you supporting a sustainable product, you are sustaining a mission beyond the fishing and outdoor industry - you are building up people and impacting lives.

From sponsoring fundraisers that support programs for our American Heroes to community outreach and education efforts for children, Eddy-Gear.com is a brand that represents hope, support, and compassion for veterans, law enforcement, and first responders. When you buy a kayak or make a purchase from Eddy-Gear.com, we commit a percentage of our revenue to great causes like these.

So from Eddy-Gear.com to all of you, thank you for helping us help others!


Inshore Xtreme Challenge

Yak Outlaws Inshore Xtreme Challenge is a national one day charity kayak fishing tournament in Jacksonville, FL which truly tests an angler's skills using a CPR format where anglers target and weigh in 2 redfish, 6 trout, and 10 flounder for total aggregate length. This great tournament has great food, prizes, and raffles all while supporting Combat2College, a non-profit supporting our military veterans and first responders.

Success in the academic arena after separating from the Military can be a huge challenge for former service-members. The ultimate goal is to facilitate their success in every way possible, since opening our doors in 2012 we have done just that.  We have supported the needs of over 150 veterans in their pursuit of higher education, and the number continues to rise.  We have our team to thank for our success in our continued efforts.  The Combat2College team is made up of both Veteran and Non-Veteran personnel, all whom share the same passion and commitment to giving back to those who have honorably served our nation.

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